A Surprising Career Move for Nurses

Does this sound familiar?

You became a nurse to have a positive impact on society and were looking for an intellectually challenging career. The idea of work flexibility and an average salary of $67,490 (2015 survey) appealed to you.

Nursing had a 17% turnover rate in 2016. The term “burnout” is common among many medical professional fields. Many highly qualified professionals who chose nursing as a career path are faced with a lack of upward mobility without specialization and additional degrees. Too many tasks and too little time has become a common mantra. In addition, it is common for nurses to become Weekend Only Workers in order to earn the salary they desire and still have time flexibility. This is also true for shift work.

It is likely that you are reading this article because you have reached a level of frustration in your career and feel limited in your career path. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics the “average” worker will have 12 different jobs in their lifetime, so you are not unique in evaluating your career.

One surprising career move for nurses has been into the IT field.

Java Developer (United States)


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(Data as of 2016)

A Java Developer earns an average of $73,268 per year according to payscale.com. Java developers create complex web-based applications and test and debug software applications. Based on the average salary and intellectual stimulation that IT offers, this has become a surprising career move for nurses. The Bureau of Labor statistics forecasts at 17% increase in the number of jobs for software developers and states the median pay nationwide at $102,280 per year. Currently, there are over 4,000 Java Healthcare related job openings.

How do you become a Java Developer?

A very common approach is a coding bootcamp. This method allows you to compress your training into weeks and start your new career immediately after completing the bootcamp.


How do you know if a bootcamp is the right choice for you?

Here are some actual reviews of people that have completed our boot camps:

“Definitely a good stepping stone for anyone wanting to learn how to program. Instructors know their subject well, and are genuinely interested in their students understanding the subject matter. You won’t find a better way to break into software development in 10 weeks with their bootcamps. They take care to supplement your learning with lectures and events that improve soft skills, like networking and teamwork. Definitely would not have got a job without them. “

“As a recent Cincy Code IT graduate, I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering making a career switch into IT. Both Dr. Suschek and Sean Blessings are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful, and care very much about their students success.”

“This is a great program. Turned my life completely around and now I’m working as a full stack developer in Cincinnati. Instructors are on point and go above and beyond to make sure students understand the material. It is hard work and like most things you get as much as you put into it. Staff is supportive even well after the program is complete. Software development is not for everyone, but if you feel you have what it takes then this is the program you want.”


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