Employment with Greater Pay after Bootcamp. Danae Brenner

Danae Brenner, Age 33 Cincinnati, Ohio Ohio Means Jobs WIA Grant/Partners for a Competitive Workforce Grant Recipient

Danae had been working as a desktop support technician, troubleshooting cable TV hardware and software. Her position was eliminated in March 2014, and since her work had been very specialized, she was struggling to find a position utilizing those skills. Danae did not have certifications in a technical skillset, and was applying for positions in “break/fix” computer jobs, offering little more than minimum wage. Going to a traditional 4-year university wasn’t viable due to financial and time barriers. Happily, she was successful in securing employment with greater pay after bootcamp with MAX Technical Training.

Danae quickly became a standout student in the program by leading team projects in the classroom and garnering excellent feedback from her instructor. Her strong performance was fueled by a passion for the new “work” as evidenced in an early training progress video.

Upon graduating from the “bootcamp”, Danae was hired by Pomeroy IT Solutions (one of the area’s largest IT Consulting firms) as a Solutions Developer. Her starting salary was roughly double the compensation of her prior job. She has received excellent reviews from her supervisor and the leadership team. In a company with over 2,000 employees, she has been recognized as an up and coming contributor, and was recently featured in a video—“The Pomeroy Story.”

Today, Danae works as a Programmer Analyst for Western and Southern Financial Group. She mentors fledgling developers and has spoken to bootcampers at MAX, providing helpful advice and offering encouragement. She participates in User Group meetings, the local Girl Develop It chapter, and Give Camp—volunteering to assist non-profits with software development needs.

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