New Security Awareness Course for IT Staff and Information Workers

Fresh, up-to-date Security Awareness Training for IT Staff & Information Workers for 2017 – with fresh material crafted and delivered by a Security Expert Instructor. In this easy to understand, 2 day course, your team will experience the true meaning of the phrase “Knowledge is Power”.

When it comes to Security Awareness, your team’s power to thwart potential security breaches requires you keep their knowledge and skills fresh. Security Awareness Training for IT Staff & Information Workers is the most effective and most important tool to mitigate today’s social engineering and malware attacks.

Today security responsibility is greater than ever with ransomware, cloud technologies, BYOD and mobile devices. The point of most vulnerability and responsibility is with the end user, especially with cloud products, internet tools like IM, email or any mobile OS. 

This Security Awareness Training for IT Staff & Information Workers is ideal for:

  • Security workers
  • Help Desk, Desktop Support
  • IT Managers
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Mobile Device Administrators 

This flexible class can be delivered in a number of formats, including lecture only or lecture with labs.

Security topics are covered in enough depth to gain a reasonable technical understanding of their significance and to keep IT workers happy, but not so deep as to discourage students without a deep technical background. 

Check out the course here and let us know if you want us to deliver this to your team by completing the Request a Private Class link on the page.

Security Awareness For IT Staff & Information Workers


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