Security Awareness Training for IT Employees Helps Mitigate Today’s Social Engineering & Malware Attacks.

Today security responsibility is greater than ever with ransomware, cloud technologies, BYOD and mobile devices. The point of most vulnerability and responsibility is with the end user, especially with cloud products, internet tools like IM, email or any mobile OS. Information worker security awareness is the most effective and most important tool to mitigate today’s social engineering and malware attacks. Security Awareness Training for IT Employees is really for everyone, IT workers and end users. Security topics are covered in enough depth to gain a reasonable technical understanding of their significance and to keep IT workers happy, but not so deep as to discourage students without a deep technical background. 

This course will “inoculate” employees against both purposeful and accidentally triggered security threats to your organization. Employees will come away empowered to self-sustain a competent level of security awareness for protection of organizational property as well as personal identity security. Employees will gain a basic understanding of the terminology covered in this course which will allow better discourse between individuals and departments when planning, implementing and executing policies, troubleshooting  or auditing in any IT subject. 

Security Awareness Training Classes Running Soon

We have two Security Awareness Training Classes coming up where your employees will gain the security awareness and knowledge needed to recognize and defend against all major forms of destructive hacking including social engineering. In this course they will learn modern security practices, common hacking exploits and means of good IT security hygiene. The Security Awareness Training for IT Employees course is designed to be highly flexible with a wide range of information that can be tailored to security knowledge needs of any organization. 

It can be hard to make everyone happy but this class gets close. Security workers, Help Desk, IT Managers, Administrators looking for an updated well rounded refresher, and almost anyone interacting with today’s mobile and desktop technologies or Cloud products can all benefit from this concise, easy to understand two day instructor led Security Awareness training. 

This flexible class can be delivered in private for your team, in a number of formats, including lecture only or lecture with labs. 

Security Awareness Training Course Details!

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