Retired U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman sets sail for a future in Software Development.

Where his journey begins
After you’ve served your country as a U.S Navy Corpsman, assisting in surgeries and medical care for Navy personnel, completed your service career, you step out of your service asking, “where do I go from here”?

Denis Zamorski was at this fork in-the-road in his life. In one direction, his experience in the Navy aligned him with pursuing a medical degree and committing to an eight-year education plan. In another, exploration and adventure. At 25, and raising a young family, it was his last chance to experiment and find his passion. He needed to create a plan that would solidify his future on a shorter timeline than eight-years and also personally fulfilling.

The experimentation phase
It was one thing to experiment. But the experimentation had to provide a stable income for his family. Denis moved to Cincinnati and started a job as a Project Coordinator for Comcast. His exposure to technology as a Project Coordinator sparked his interest in pursuing opportunities in IT. 

Apprenti, a national technology apprenticeship program based in Seattle, accepted him into the program and it turned out to be a doorway into a career-driven IT path. Apprenti partners with companies and advanced technology training programs to help communities build and maintain technology talent. They know this is a requirement to help local businesses remain regionally and nationally competitive. They also help potential students cover the upfront financing burden of accelerated career-based technology training.

Through the Apprenti program, Denis would pursue a career in Software Development and attend a Coding Bootcamp with plans of taking a place with Amazon Web Services. He was not paired with Amazon and without the employer connection his placement in a bootcamp was in question.

His name remained in the Apprenti system and the Kroger company, based in Cincinnati, reached out to Apprenti Cincinnati to offer Denis a sponsorship into the MAX Technical Training full-stack Coding Bootcamp with a focus on JAVA. After his 11-week program Denis graduated in July of 2019 and immediately went to work for Kroger. He earned his opportunity to pursue his career with a great company.

From Coding Bootcamp to the Cloud
During his coding bootcamp, he was given foundational instruction in JAVA and basics of the C# language and exposure from database to user interface. He was surrounded by subject matter experts in full-stack software development and built a fully functional Enterprise-level business application before graduation. The career training in his bootcamp included soft skills training and an emotional intelligence workshop.  These are skills valued be employers like Kroger and help students quickly assimilate into the dynamic development teams supporting the company platforms.

Denis proudly tells us “the company culture at Kroger was critical to my successful growth into my current position. The investment they made in me from day one made me feel at home”.

Just a year and a half later, Denis has recently been promoted to Technology Engineer and is on an Infrastructure and Data team that manages the Azure-based platforms used by Kroger. 

Denis has found his passion and loves what he’s doing. What he’s accomplished in his life has made his family proud and he’s created a bright future. His amazing journey and story are the reason programs like Apprenti Cincinnati and the MAX Career Bootcamps exist.  Denis wanted to share his story to help inspire people to take a leap, experiment, and to find their passion.

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