Are there really IT jobs in Cincinnati?

Are there really IT jobs in Cincinnati?  Oh yes. 

A quick search on job websites like ZipRecruiter or Indeed shows thousands of available IT jobs in the Cincinnati area.  Like most other technical fields, the types of opportunities available depending on the education, certification, and experience of the job applicant.
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The fastest growing IT job in the United States is that of Software Developer.  According to the United States Department of Labor, over 250,000 jobs are currently open nationwide.  These are the people who build software from the ground up, writing code and finding bugs.  With devices, hardware and innovation constantly changing, these professionals are working hard to keep software effective and current.
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IT Managers are also in demand.  These are the people that every company depends on to keep the software running and the data secure.  They are involved in managing and planning and often play a role in business decisions as well.
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Computer Systems and Information Security analysts are also in demand.  These are the people that design systems and protect them from hackers, viruses and malware.  Other jobs available include Web Developers, Support Specialist, Systems Administrator, and Database Administrator.
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Each of these jobs is valuable and depends on a variety of skills. 
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