Preventive Security Training – Don’t be Equifax

Preventive Security Training

Not feeling particularly safe? It’s all over the news, the Equifax hack will affect you or someone you know. At Risk?  Equifax has businesses uneasy about Security. Preventive Security Training is necessary for all organizations if they wish to do all they can to be secure.

Preventive Security Training does not have to be Time Consuming or Expensive, but it does need to be Done.  Here are some trainings that will strengthen your security. Delivery options include Self-Study, Video, Online Live Public Schedule, Your ILT classroom and Onsite or Private Online Live.

Four questions to help you self select the security training your team needs

  1. Did you know the #1 cause of Network Failure is Poor Employee practices? What Security Awareness training does your company provide?  The C)SAP Certified Security Awareness Principals course is a phenomenal program that is very inexpensive per person, can be lecture, self-study or classroom delivered.  It teaches the employee their critical role in protecting the company Network.  Volume pricing is available for this comprehensive yet compact class.
  2. Does your company have a Disaster Recovery plan in place should your network get hacked?  Our CDRE – Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer course could help you get these Critical Skills in house and the Roles and Actions defined in the event of a breach.
  3. Does your company have an Incident Handling Plan/Protocol in place for after an attack?  Let us help you get that plan developed and in place immediately.  We can start with C)IHE- Certified Incident Handling Engineer for your IT Team along with C)SLO – Certified Security Leadership Officer training so you have a Top Down plan of Action in place.  Additional Consulting can also be provided.
  4. When was the last time your Company did a Pen Test to check your Network Vulnerabilities? We can help you with that, by training your own In-house Talent to do these critical tests on a regular basis with the CPTE – Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course, or if you’re a consultant the CPTC Certified Penetration Testing Consultant course.  Or, ask about our Pen Testing talents to do a Pen Test on your Network.


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