Overcoming roadblocks to a career in coding

You’ve seen all the articles in the news.  Computer careers are the place to be as tech jobs continue to grow.  You want to catch the wave and surf on to a new and higher paying career, but there are a few questions still lingering in your mind.  Let’s answer them and get you in the game.

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How to overcome roadblocks to a career in coding

Is a coding job right for me?  There is very little point in switching careers if it isn’t something that you really enjoy doing. A Coding Bootcamp is a compressed and intense experience that you have to be ready for.  Are you at a point in your life where you can devote a full-time commitment over months at a time?  Are you mentally ready to do the work?  Are you ready to take the risk?  All of these things must be considered.  

First, let’s look at coding itself. 

Do you like it? 

Have you tried it yet? 

There are free ways on the internet to get your feet wet with coding.  Just Google “Free Coding Classes” to find some possibilities to explore.  Jump in and see how it feels.  If you like it and want more, the next step is to meet with local coders in your area to see if there are any industry activities or other social opportunities.  See how well you fit in with people that you may end up working with some day.  Finally, commit to a project that will take a week or more to complete.  Regular work and a deadline can give you more insight into whether you want to continue on this path.

If you are ready to seriously consider a Coding Bootcamp, the next step is to choose a language.  Some are harder than others, and some are used more than others.  Choosing your first language is an important decision for your future employability, so choose a language that’s in demand.  Also, consider what your medium and long term career goals are. 

What do you want to be doing in five years? 

Find out what language the people that are doing that job right now are using.


Questions you should consider to overcome roadblocks to a career in coding

If you are ready to take on a Coding Bootcamp, first try to figure out what your goal is. 

Do you want to work for a specific company or do a specific kind of work? 

Do you want to work for yourself? 

Answer all the questions that are important to you and that help you narrow down your choices.  Also, figure out what you already know.  It may be more than you think, so you don’t want to go over old ground when you could be learning something new.  Finally, use your new social contacts to talk to graduates of the coding Bootcamps you are considering. 

How did they like it

Did they find a good job

Would they do it all over again? 

You should be able to quickly find out what you need to know.

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