New Modern Course: Learn HTML5 and CSS3

Learn HTML5 and CSS3: Modern Web and Mobile Development, written by our Senior Technical Instructor Mike Smith. This new course goes in-depth with detailed hands-on labs and Q&A labs. The labs include multiple projects, including one beginning to end web site.

You are ready for this course if you are a professional developer new to HTML, a self-taught HTML developer, a graphics designer,  or new to HTML development.

If you are ready to sit down and really learn HTML5 and CSS3 for real.. this is the course for you. No more hunting for solutions on the web and then forgetting where you left those “handy” notes. In this course you’ll be taught and coached by a seasoned, 20+ year web developer who will teach so it all comes together and makes sense. Get your questions answered right here in the classroom whether you attend in person or join us virtually with a remote connection. You won’t regret the time, because you’ll finally come away with the confidence that you’ve “got it”. 

After you learn HTML5 and CSS3: Modern Web and Mobile Development, you will be able to:

  • Create HTML5 compliant web pages.
  • Test and validate HTML and CSS code.
  • Create CSS for style pages.
  • Work with experimental vendor prefixes.
  • Work with fonts and CSS font effects.
  • Work with color and color tools.
  • Layout pages and content using DIVs, iFrames and Tables.
  • Add and format images and CSS sprites.
  • Create HTML5 forms.
  • Embed and manager video and audio content.


If you’ve ever searched the web to learn how to add and format images, how to embed a video or audio, or how to create your own CSS style pages you’ll not have to do it again! Learn these and much, much more with the web developer there to answer all your questions. Check out all that you will learn in the course outline.

Learn HTML5 and CSS3: Modern Web and Mobile Development

Learn Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3


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