New Mile2 Classes added

M2-IS20 IS20 Security Controls Certification Course

This 3 day instructor led training course covers proven tools and methodologies needed to execute and analyze the Top Twenty Most Critical Security Controls. Nearly all organizations containing sensitive information are adopting these Security Controls, listed below, as the highest priority list of what must be substantiated before anything else.

MS-CVFE Certified Virtualization Forensics Examiner

This course takes two enormously challenging areas facing IT security professionals today: incidence response and virtualization and attempts to meld these together. Forensics is at the heart of incidence response, and therefore this training will focus on how to gather evidence relating to an incident – the what, when, where, who and why of an incident – within today’s common virtual environments.   Additionally, this 5 day instructor led course will take a deep dive into the virtual infrastructure, and contrast the various virtual entities against their physical counterparts. This will allow a clear demonstration of the forensically-relevant differences between the virtual and physical environments. The course uses a lab-centric, scenario-based approach to demonstrate how to forensically examine relevant components of a virtual infrastructure for specific use cases.

M2-CVDE Certified Virtual Desktop Engineer

This 5 day instructor led course introduces virtualization professionals to VMware Horizon View 7 Suite, this course will show VMware professionals how to install & configure Horizon View and its many components. They will gain understanding of the component parts and how to design a basic EUC environment utilizing the products. It is expected that after the completion of the course the delegate will be above VCP-DT level.

M2-CVP Certified Virtualization Principles

Most every company is already virtualized and many are looking into furthering that into the cloud and implementing desktop virtualization. However, many companies continue to look at the competing virtualization platforms in the market wondering if they have made the right choice.

This 2 day instructor led course is designed for IT and sales professionals to dive into the key components of virtualization and compare the key players in the market space. What has which features, which of them actually work and how can I decide based upon ROI/TCO which one is right for me.

M2-CPCE  Certified PowerCLI Engineer

If you want to spend more time enjoying your hobbies then this course is for you!

This 2 day instructor led hands on course starts with the basics needed for a great foundation in making your life easier as a vSphere administrator! Even if you have never used PowerCLI this course is for you, we will start with the basics and build upon them. The intent is to make sure the attendee walks away with the ability to automate their life related to vSphere administration anyway.

M2-CHISSP Certified Healthcare IS Security Practitioner

The vendor neutral Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner 3 day instructor led certification course covers the skills and knowledge to implement the best IT Healthcare Practices, as well as, regulatory compliance and standards in the healthcare industry.

The CHISSPs have become vital in managing and protecting healthcare data and are tasked to protect patient information by implementing, managing, and assessing proper IT controls for patient health information integrity.

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