MAX’s Cincy Code IT Software Development Bootcamp Changes Lives


Tom Arend was a stay at home dad.

Being an active participant in your child’s life is a great thing, but it certainly does not pay the bills.

After 10 years out of the workforce, Tom’s support network was narrowing, and he needed to re-enter the workforce. However, an employment gap that wide can be a challenge for any employer to be able to pull the trigger, especially without strong technical skills.

After speaking with Ohio Means Jobs, Tom was introduced to MAX Technical Training’s Cincy Code IT software development bootcamp. After an interview and aptitude test, Tom was admitted into the program.

“It was pretty nerve wracking just to get started,” Tom said. However, he was able to enroll in the 2015 Java bootcamp and successfully complete the course.


Looking back and now gainfully employed, Tom recalled just how dire of a situation he was in.

“It was my last shot,” he said. “I’m getting a little older now and it was either ‘I’m gonna succeed at this, or I’m gonna end up working the overnight shift at the gas station. There’s not much in between now.”

Thankfully, Tom DID succeed. Upon graduation, he had a quick interview and was hired off a phone screen.

“Once it happened, it was the greatest feeling in the world to have made it,” he said.

One of the main things that Tom stressed was the helpfulness of MAX during the job search process. He specifically mentioned Lisa Slutsky, who is the Cincy Code IT Career Manager. She helps to prepare students by resume writing, LinkedIn training, code portfolio prep, soft skill interviews, technical interviews, job leads, employer introductions, and of course, Demo Day.

Though Tom graduated in 2015, Lisa still provides career advice and mentoring. The alumni network, of which Tom is now a part of, is over 120 strong at various companies all around Cincinnati.

Tom is now an Application Support Analyst at Atlas Air.

“It’s kind of difficult to put into words where you always felt that you could do these things, but were never given the opportunity,” he said.

MAX Technical Training is enormously proud of you Tom, and we’re glad we could give you the opportunity to succeed.

If there’s someone in your life who knows they can do more, but hasn’t had the opportunity, here it is. MAX’s Cincy Code IT is your opportunity to live up to your potential. We’ll get you the tech skills, the soft skills, and the network to make it happen. Contact us to learn more or connect with us at our latest in-person event.

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