Max Technical Training partners with Core Performance Concepts to get the heart of what Project Management students want most – success.

The heart of what Project Management students want most – success. 


In 2012, Florida-based Core Performance Concepts (CPC) and Ohio-based Max Technical Training (MAX) began working together to bring a Project Management course offering to MAX students.  It has proven to be a partnership that has led to hundreds of qualified, certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) realizing successful careers. 

Since 1998, MAX has been serving corporate clients and technology and business professionals across the globe with training and consulting in today’s top technologies.  A privately held, woman-owned business (WBENC) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE), MAX is a founding member of the EPIC Learning Network and has been named a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner for over 18 years.  Their range of technology education includes their initial flagship courses in Microsoft, which they offer courses in 99 percent of their technologies, but also courses such as Agile to VMWare. They also provide corporate training in areas such as Global IT Training and Guided Learning. 

MAX and CPC partnered together to utilize CPC content in their Project Management courses, which is part of the professional skills and leadership series.  This curriculum offers everything from Lean Six Sigma to SharePoint for project managers to the core skills needed to be an effective PMP®.  They also run CPC’s courses in Project Management Basics and Effective Project Management.


 “Diane’s content (indicating Diane Buckley-Altweis, author of the Achieve PMP® Exam Success series) works well for both off-the-shelf and private customized training and solutions.  She and our instructors work together to give the client what they need in the time frame they need it, which is a big differentiator for us,” said Denise Bartick, Founder and CEO of MAX. 

Such partnerships are all in keeping with the MAX core values, or H.E.A.R.T.  The H is for humor, as MAX tries to make the entire learning process enjoyable and bring more energy to everything they do.  The E stands for ethics, which is an unwavering commitment to being trustworthy.  A is for attitude and conveys how radiating a positive and helpful attitude is essential to their work as educators.  R means relational and how they focus on relationships with clients like CPC to keep them on the right path.  Finally, T stands for team focus, as they have proven that when people work together, everything is better. 

This MAX commitment is clearly demonstrated in a recent situation involving a potential IT candidate working at a large grocery chain.  The candidate was currently employed as a Pharmacy Tech, but really wanted to take the MAX IT developer boot camp.  Because he was not in IT, the company didn’t approve the enrollment.  When this employee took the aptitude test for the course and passed it with flying colors, he was convinced that IT was where his career path forward was heading, so he decided he was going to quit and pay for the course himself to ultimately find another job in IT.  MAX contacted the grocery chain, told them they were about to lose this valued employee.  Even though the company didn’t have a mechanism for moving people from department to department, they found a way, and in doing so kept the employee, who is now happily and productively working with their IT team. 

“It was a great win-win for us, and for that employee,” said Bartick. 

“CPC has our same philosophy and work ethic,” said Judy Sanker, PMP and instructor with MAX.  “For both of us, it’s very personal and focused on making sure our students learn in a way they’ll embrace, enjoy and benefit from for a long time.  We’re both in it for all the right reasons.”  



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