What kind of IT careers are available in healthcare?

What kind of IT careers are available in healthcare? A lot of them. Healthcare IT jobs are one of the fastest-growing categories in the industry. The need for healthcare IT professionals is expected to grow by twenty percent in the next ten years, according to the United States Department of Labor.

The average salary in Healthcare IT is close to $90,000 per year, with entry-level jobs starting at $60,000 per year and above., depending on the job. There are a number of factors behind the job growth. One of the biggest is that medical records now have to be electronic to comply with federal law. That means a lot of data entry, security concerns, network building and maintenance and other tasks required to maintain this new normal.
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Another reason is the aging population in the United States. As people age, they require more health care. In the next ten to fifteen years, the number of people between 60 and 70 years old is going to skyrocket as baby boomers reach and exceed retirement age. A required switch to a new system of more detailed medical codes is also creating a need for more Healthcare IT professionals to help manage the transition.

Medical records and health information professionals are consistently in the top ten in-demand jobs in the medical field. Some of the specialized jobs available include Medical and Health Service Manager, which directs and coordinates healthcare services; Health Information Technicians, who manage Electronic Medical Records systems; Health Informatics Directors, who help guide organizations in planning and executing IT programs; Nurse Informaticists, who combine nursing and IT expertise to help coordinate efficient patient care; and Chief Medical Information Officers, who have to combine traditional IT executive experience with the unique expertise required by the health care industry. These in-demand professionals command an average salary approaching $200,000 per year.

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What kind of IT careers are available in Healthcare?

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