Is a Coding Bootcamp Right For Me?

This is a common question and while the most accurate answer is dependent upon the individual, the overarching answer is yes – a coding bootcamp may be a good fit for you.

There is plenty of data showing that the majority of coding bootcamp graduates find new positions at higher rates of pay and with greater advancement opportunities than their previous employment.

But don’t choose a bootcamp based on a ‘promise’ of a higher paycheck alone. Not all bootcamps are equal.

6 Important Factors You Should Weigh When Considering a Coding Bootcamp



Take Stock of Yourself

People who have successfully, and happily transformed themselves into software developers share some common traits:

  • They really want to make a change in their life; are committed to learning, studying for hours, and sticking to it throughout the bootcamp. They realize it will be intense, will require a sacrifice of time and possibly money, but are willing to do what it takes for the short 11 week time-frame in order to reap the rewards for the rest of their life and career.
  • They enjoy problem solving, enjoy playing with technology and in general, enjoy learning about technology – because the learning never stops when you work in information technology.
  • They are willing to do what it takes to find employment. There are many job openings out there, but that doesn’t mean a candidate can expect to have employers knock down their door once they’ve gained their new skills. Successful candidates learn the art of networking and interviewing from us. They will be committed to following through on job leads and will work enthusiastically with their bootcamp career coach to take advantage of job placement assistance.

The good news for those training with MAX – we provide job placement skills training and assistance. 

Coding Bootcamp

Take Stock of the Bootcamp. Not all bootcamps are equal.

  • Do they provide job placement assistance? Many coding bootcamps do not, or their placement assistance is weak and lacks connections with employers – most particularly connections within the IT department of employers.
  • Is the curriculum relevant today? Is the curriculum developed with employers in mind? You want to ensure that when you are done you have the skills employers in your city are seeking.
  • Is the bootcamp a good fit for you? A good bootcamp will pre-screen you and require you to pass an assessment to determine your readiness level for success in their program. Otherwise, you could end up in a program that is far too intense and “above your head”; a terrible situation to find yourself in given the cost in both time and money.

At MAX we require both a pre-screen consultation and an assessment to make sure you will be successful in a coding bootcamp.

Let’s face it, we could just take your money and let you decide for yourself. But that wouldn’t be fair to you. Once you’ve passed the pre-screen and the assessment you can rest assured knowing you have what it takes to successfully complete the training and certification.

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