How Do I Learn to Code?


Software. Automation. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning.


You’ve probably heard these words in the news relating to jobs loss or future jobs. What all these words have in common is they are all derived from coding. Coding is the backbone of all the technology that powers our devices we use daily: phones, computers, etc.

Most of the mundane, repetitive processes that are used by human labor today will eventually be replaced by computers powered by code; they can work longer, faster and more efficiently than humans. For example, the average job in most states in the U.S. is truck driving. In the next 25 years alone, automation powered by code will replace an estimated nearly 300,000 truckers. Self-driving trucks will be able to drive longer, more safely and more cost-efficiently than human drivers. From drones, self-driving technology and robotics, the future of the world is powered by code.

What is Code?

Coding at its core is how we communicate with computers. Learning to code is basically how to talk in a language the computer understands; some basic coding languages include Javascript, Java, and Python. Depending on the type of role you are looking for as a developer or software engineer, you need to learn different languages to match that skill set. After learning coding languages, you need to practice and apply your code in real life and practice problem-solving. Once you learn a coding language or find a role as a developer, you can always learn more coding languages or skill sets and make a pivot in your career.

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Developers and engineers with coding knowledge are well compensated and are in shortage in today’s workforce. Software developers have an average salary of $100K, with above average work-life balance, and average stress levels. Additionally, IT and programming roles at companies are expected to grow by 30% by the year 2026. Coding provides a career with high future growth, great work-life balance, and a comfortable living.

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The real question is how can you learn code and equip yourself with the skills necessary to be a part of the future workforce. Now that you’ve seen how code empowers the apps, platforms, and devices that make up most of our world, what are the steps you need to take to become a professional developer and use code to make a significant impact in the world?

How do I learn to code?

Learning to code can be accelerated exponentially by going through a coding boot camp. A coding boot camp is an intense, fast-paced environment where you can learn to code under the supervision of developers who guide you day to day. After the completion of a bootcamp, you will have an employable skill set and can work for companies that are in need of coding expertise. At a Max Bootcamp, students have a 93% job placement rate and IT coaches go through every step of finding employment including resume writing and interview skills.

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