Who hires coding bootcamp graduates?

Who hires coding bootcamp graduates?  Pretty much everyone

Qualified IT professionals are among some of the most in-demand employees in the country.  It is one of the fastest growing fields with hundred of thousands of jobs open nationwide.  In the Cincinnati area, there are approximately 5000 IT jobs open at any one time, according to employment websites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed.
Because of the demand and the success of previous coding Bootcamp graduates, employers are moving away from the idea that a four-year college degree is required before they will hire a new employee.  College degrees still have value, of course, especially if the candidate has an education in business or another relevant area as well as IT.  But there are plenty of opportunities out there for someone who wants to get an education and certification in a programming language and other skills that will make them attractive IT job candidates.
Indeed.com recently surveyed over 1000 HR managers and IT recruiters about how coding Bootcamp graduates are viewed in the working world.  84 percent of them said that coding Bootcamp graduates are just as prepared, or even MORE prepared for success compared to Computer Science graduates.  80 percent of those respondents have already hired a coding Bootcamp graduate and 99.8 percent of them said that they would do it again.
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“But bootcamps can do more than just help narrow the supply-demand gap. A recent Indeed survey of diversity in tech found that 77% of respondents considered it “very or quite important” to have a diverse company. Here bootcamps can also play a role: According to respondents, 51% of surveyed companies said that hiring bootcamp grads is a good way to help job seekers from underrepresented groups find work in the technology sector.”
Source: Indeed
MAX Technical Training offers a variety of coding bootcamps that will allow you to get the training and certifications you need to hit the ground running in the IT world. 
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