Does the GI Bill cover coding bootcamps?

 It does if they meet the Veterans Administration standards for quality.  And MAX Technical Training has no less than four bootcamps that are fully approved for GI Bill eligible veterans.

The first is Business Software Specialist. In just 91 hours, veterans can be trained in the most popular software packages used in corporate America. Graduates will be ready to go with computer skills and software training specific to their chosen career field.  

Ready to work even harder for a successful IT career?  Max offers two 11 week bootcamps that will produce successful graduates who are needed in two fast-growing career paths.

The first is the .NET bootcamp, which trains veterans how to become an entry-level, front- and back-end software developer.  This 11-week immersion bootcamp is for those who come in with little or no programming experience and want to leave as successful IT professionals.

Our other 11 week GI Bill eligible course for veterans is the Java bootcamp.  Java is used almost everywhere and is a valuable tool for an IT professional to have.  The course is also designed for veterans who may have little or no programming experience with the goal of making them successful entry-level, front- and back-end software developers.

Military veterans are prized by many employers for their adaptability, willingness to work, ability to handle stressful situations and many other positive traits.  Join the ranks of IT professionals who are beginning great careers by calling MAX Technical Training at (513) 322-8888 and let us help you get started today.
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