Get to know your instructors

We have a limited number of weeks to deliver the technical and professional training you need to successfully obtain a career in IT. We have special relationships with subject-matter experts who have professional experience and a love for their craft. Your instructors care about your future and after training hundreds of MAX Alumni, they know exactly how to help you succeed.

We are proud of our team, and we’d like to introduce you to your MAX team that helps us deliver life-changing career bootcamps. Give their name a click to read their full bio.

You will be introduced to each unique subject matter expert throughout the bootcamp at the time their subject coincides with the work you are doing on your capstone project or professional training preparation. You need the most relevant IT training available and a passionate expert to deliver their knowledge. Take some time to get to know your instructors and get ready to join the hundreds of successful bootcamp alumni that they have taught.

Our team has more than 100 plus years combined experience and they bring field expertise into the classroom. Many of our instructors continue to deliver their craft through their own business or as a consultant.

If you are considering a Career Bootcamp at MAX and would like to talk to one of our instructors, give our advisors a call and we can arrange a time for an introduction before your bootcamp.

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