How a former Army sergeant used his GI Bill funding to start a career in IT


MAX Cincy Code IT Software Developer Bootcamp Sets Up Former Military for Success.

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Daniel Loughry had no shortage of leadership experience. After enlisting in the United States Army and serving four tours of duty- two in Iraq and two in Afghanistan- he had worked his way up to the advanced rank of Sergeant First Class and was serving as a senior non-commissioned officer. His roles as infantry squad leader and later as a supervisor with the Department of Defense had sharpened his decision making and leadership skills, as he was at times directly responsible for the lives and welfares of 9 to 20 individuals. He continued to advance in his military career- supervisor roles turned into senior operations management positions. Then one day 16 years into his career, it happened.

The injury was not severe, but it was enough that it limited his physical capabilities. He worked with the doctors for months, until they realized it simply wouldn’t ever fully heal. Daniel’s military service was over. On January 2, GI Bill Funding_MAX Technical Training2018, with four children and three years shy of being eligible to collect retirement pay for his service, the U.S. Army Medical Evaluation Board gave Daniel his honorable discharge.

 Ever the fighter, Daniel immediately landed a job as an account executive. It wasn’t a bad job, but after four months he realized that it just wasn’t what he wanted to do.

“I thought about my time with the Army and the things that I enjoyed about Army life,” said Daniel. “There was constant collaboration and teamwork. My brother who was also a veteran had taken a Java Bootcamp at MAX Technical Training. After I talked to him about it, I saw a lot of parallels with my Army experience and decided to give it a try.”

 MAX boot camps offer an intense, immersive 11-week education in the technology of web-based software development. They are specifically geared toward helping people learn to be developers in a business environment where app developers are in incredibly high demand. Currently, in Cincinnati, there are actually more open positions then there are qualified people to fill these positions. MAX boot camps produce people who are able to step right into these jobs, with no IT background required.

 Besides focused job training, Bootcamp students also receive 32.5 hours of career management training. MAX ensures students have a professional resume and LinkedIn profile. They even train students how to interview for a job, bringing in hiring managers from a number of local companies to talk about their interview processes.

 Currently, 98.7% of MAX bootcamp graduates are working in a software development position within 90 days of graduation, with an average starting salary of $57,000 and trending upward.


Greg Doud is an instructor for MAX’s .NET and Java boot camps. He has seen several veterans pass through MAX boot camp with flying colors, and thinks they’re a natural fit for this rigorous style of training.   Greg-Doud-MAX Technical training

 “I’ve worked with several of our veteran boot camp students. Most are getting out after 4-15 years with the military and looking for their next step,” said Greg. “The vets I’ve worked with seem to be used to trying very hard. I assume that part of their military training teaches them to go 100 percent at doing what they need to do to be successful. Even when things get a little tough, they just hunker down and try harder.” 


After realizing the perfect fit between their programs and veterans looking for job training, MAX was approved by the State Approving Agency to receive GI Bill education benefits for veteran Bootcamp students to use their GI Bill for tuition. MAX is currently the only software development training program in Cincinnati to be approved for GI Bill education benefits.  

Today, Daniel is working as a .NET software developer for a local healthcare company- a job he interviewed for (and accepted) two weeks before his graduation. While his hard work and perseverance are truly what kept him afloat, he credits the training he received from his MAX Bootcamp for giving him a foothold during his transition.

 “MAX goes above and beyond to get their students trained and placed at a job,” he said. “It was all very professionally done. Very researched. I could tell the class was set up to give the students the biggest chance to succeed.”

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