Part-Time Evening / Weekend Java Coding Bootcamp

Part-time evening weekend Java coding bootcampMAX, Cincy Code IT Offer Part-Time  Java Coding Bootcamp

In an effort to help working professionals and companies interested in developing their employees alike, MAX’s Cincy Code IT program has launched a part-time Bootcamp.


MAX has been conducting IT training since 1998. In 2012, MAX paired with Great American Insurance (GAI) to create what was then called a developer apprentice program to help address the ever-growing need of software developers. GAI chose friends, family members, and current employees that had an aptitude for more – and put them through rigorous training to become software developers.


Evening / Weekend Software Development Bootcamp - Cincy Code IT


Since then, MAX has worked with several other companies in Cincinnati on similar arrangements. Because of its popularity, MAX opened it up to the public under the Cincy Code IT program name.


However, as is often the case, businesses can often not afford to have mission-critical employees take an 11-week program, and working professionals providing the main source of income or benefits for their families cannot simply quit their jobs to join a program such as Cincy Code IT.


Evening / Weekend Software Development Bootcamp - Saves Time - Cincy Code ITTo address this disconnect, MAX created an evening/weekend developer Bootcamp program, scheduled to begin October 23rd. The curriculum is geared to be exactly the same as the 11-week program but spread out over 25 weeks instead of 11.

Classes will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm – 9 pm, and all day Saturday from 8 am-5 pm.

This is an exciting new way for employers to groom their employees for more while not losing productivity during the work week, as well as ample time to backfill once the student moves to a software development capacity.

Evening / Weekend Software Development Bootcamp - Cincy Code IT

Employers Report Bootcampers Have Greater Longevity and Loyalty

So why would an employer choose to enroll their employee in a training program? One such reason is the longevity of an employee. In an age where the average tenure of a software developer at companies such as Google or Facebook is around 2 years, this model provides buy-in from employees to create a sense of loyalty. For example, nearly all of the first Great American Insurance class students are still employees, a tenure of roughly 3 times that of the average developer at Google.

“It saved us a lot of hassle,” said Greg Witzgall of Great American in a promo video for MAX.

Evening / Weekend Software Development Bootcamp - Great Return on Investment - Cincy Code IT

Employers Report Strong Return on Investment

Secondly, there is a strong return on investment. When using a staffing or consulting firm, a company can expect to pay roughly $77,000 in total cost for an entry-level developer on a six-month contract to hire basis. Similarly, a permanent placement from a staffing firm can cost around $63,000.


However, sponsoring an employee’s Bootcamp tuition, along with paying their regular salary, can be much less expensive.

According to a recent study, the cost of replacing and training a new employee for this range could cost as much as $37,500 by itself, without taking into account any recruiting fees. Longevity from an employee can mitigate these costs.

“What we found though is that every one of them has been successful,” said Greg Toebbe of Great American.

Evening / Weekend Software Development Bootcamp - Launches New Careers - Cincy Code IT

Bootcamper Graduates Report: So Worth It!

For working professionals looking to make the move, giving up nearly 500 hours of paid time can be a challenge. For someone making around $40,000 a year, that “cost” of not working is almost $10,000, not even considering other benefits such as medical, dental, or vision. The new evening program affords them an easy, flexible way to get that same boot camp model without the hassle of quitting a job.


MAX has always been about customization and quality instruction. When the market demanded an evening program, MAX put it together. In today’s climate, coding skills have become paramount, and now those classes are available at a more flexible arrangement.

With a 95-98% placement rate, the average starting salary of $55,000, and a 4.96 / 5 rating on Course Report, MAX has a proven record of success in helping anyone interested in starting a career in software development.

“MAX was my last shot. I’m getting older now, and I’m either going to succeed at this, or end up working overnight shift at the gas station,” said Tom, a recent bootcamp grad. “For the kind of perks and benefits you get when you land the job, it was so worth it. It was amazing.”


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