DevOps Training In Cincinnati

You have lots of opportunity to up-skill your team in DevOps with our DevOps and Agile Public Enrollment Classes covering everything from DevOps basics to certifications as well as Agile for Service Management or Developer Staff. Our newest courses include ITSM for DevOps, DevOps Leader Certification and DevOps Test Engineering Certification.

Need DevOps customized for your needs or delivered privately?
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MAX DevOps / Agile Courses

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  • DevOps Overview
  • DevOps Foundation
  • DevOps Leader (DOL) Certification Course – Accredited
  • DevOps Test Engineering (DTE) Certification Course – Accredited
  • ITSM For DevOps
  • DevOps Using Visual Studio TFS 2015
  • Agile Service Management Overview
  • Certified Agile Process Owner
  • Certified Agile Service Manager
  • Managing Agile Projects Using TFS 2017
  • Managing Agile Projects Using TFS 2015 or VSTS

BONUS: if you enroll in our public classes 30 or more days in advance of class, you’ll get the Early Bird Discount. 

Why DevOps Training at MAX?

We’ve been delivering DevOps training for years. We were the first in Cincinnati, delivering talks about what the term meant before anyone knew what it was about. Today, clients tell us they chose DevOps Training at MAX because they know the MAX experience is information rich, delivered with stickiness, for easy recall and application, from an instructor who understands their world and how they will best apply their new knowledge.

Delivery Options – Your Choice

Train at your place or ours. If you want your team trained on-site we do that, all the time. If private, on-site training is not an option for you, we currently have two public classes on our schedule. If you need some combination of instructor-led and video, one-on-one coaching/mentoring, one-to-many on-site reinforcement – whatever. We do that. We’ve been in the business for 20 years, we know how to customize to fit your needs.

Certified DevOps Instruction at MAX

  • Live DevOps training from Certified DevOps Trainers who have robust IT Operations (aka real world) work experience.
  • You benefit from Q&A with a master DevOps instructor, and dynamic dialogue with classmates that sparks a collaborative mindset, new ideas and new ways of thinking and problem solving.
  • Certified DevOps and Up-To-Date Training Materials: MAX is an Official DevOps Institute Affiliate. Our close, active partnership keeps our devops training and knowledge base fresh and on-track, so you will leave us playing at the top of your game.

Meet Our Instructors 

MAX DevOps and Agile Public Enrollment Schedule

Need DevOps customized for your needs or delivered privately? We do this all the time > REQUEST A PRIVATE / CUSTOM CLASS

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