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We’ve been creating new programs and delivering more service to the community – and here’s our Cincy Code IT Coding Bootcamp update to let you know all about it and how you can take advantage!

Cincy Code IT Coding Bootcamp update

Cincy Code IT Coding Bootcamp updateToday, both our Java and .NET cohorts are heading to the Kroger Data Center to check out the enormous systems and world of data at Kroger!

Yesterday they learned about creating mobile apps, which is a hot topic, from Patrick Hammond of Atomic Robot.

Employment week begins next week, October 9th for our Java Cohort!

They will present their capstone projects to start off the week and meet with area employers and recruiters on the 19th at our Official Meet & Greet Event.

Check out our next Java and .NET Bootcamps coming up in 2018!

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