A Day in the Life of a Software Developer

Are you looking to change careers and enter the exciting world of tech? Now is a great time to be a software developer, with a strong job market and a variety of disciplines you can focus on. After more than 20 years of IT and development experience, I combined my love for technology with my passion for people and became an instructor at MAX Technical Training to help aspiring developers start their careers. A day in the life of a developer is sure to be challenging, but I’m here to shed some light on what your future may hold.


The Workday

Daily Stand-Up

Most workdays begin with a daily stand-up meeting, which helps set the tone for the day. In the daily stand-up, each member of the team will take turns sharing what progress was made yesterday, what the workload is for the day, and what roadblocks stand in the way. If you’re having trouble with something, there is usually someone on the team that has been in your shoes before–so they can offer advice. The daily stand-up ensures that all team members all on the same page to begin the day.

My To-Do List

Now it’s time to get to work. Each project is broken down into smaller and smaller sub-tasks so that team members are accomplishing something each day. This allows your project manager to easily keep track of progress as the larger project moves toward completion. As you’re working to accomplish daily tasks, you may also have to meet with other business partners involved in the specific project to make sure your plans are aligned.

            Putting Out Fires

Throughout the day, many things can pop up causing you to reevaluate your priorities. It could be a task directly from your manager regarding the specific line of business that you’re supporting, or it could be due to customers calling in with support issues. If it is a critical support situation, those issues could be routed back to the development team. When this happens, you might have to stop working on your daily tasks and get to work on this new issue.


Issues can even come directly from the customers themselves. If a customer has your contact information and knows your reputation for solving certain issues, they might reach out when they run into an issue. It’s important for a developer to know how to balance these requests while continuing to stay on track with their main responsibilities. To be successful as a developer, it’s vital to prioritize and know when to say no.


After Hours

The other key quality vital for any developer is continuous learning. Workdays don’t always end at the office. If you’ve run into a roadblock or worked on something new that day, you may want to spend extra time at home learning about the specific issue you faced that day to further hone your skills. This is where a true passion for technology becomes a must-have. Is the way I solved today’s task the right way? Is there a better way? Technology is always evolving and to stay sharp, you have to be a constant learner.


Why I Chose Development

Like I said earlier, it’s an exciting time to be a software developer. Currently, MAX Technical Training Bootcamp graduates have over a 95 percent job placement rate, with very high job stability. Seriously. Look on any job board at any time and see thousands of companies hiring a developer. The digital space continues to grow, and the waves of mobile development, blockchain, IoT and machine learning will continue to drive the need for talented developers. If you can prove that you have the capability and work ethic to succeed, your company won’t want to lose you.


My advice to anyone looking to become a developer is to get involved in the programming community. There are so many facets to this industry and it brings people who have a passion for technology and creating something new together. Yes, it can be challenging. There will be many projects where you get stuck on something and might want to throw your hands up in resignation. But if you can stick with it, when you have that breakthrough moment it will all be worth it. I tell my students that all the time. If you love that kind of feeling, then a career in development is definitely up your alley.

Written by Sean Blessing, Java Bootcamp Instructor, MAX Technical Training

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