Cracking the code for a great career

Software developers are in demand. 

With salaries that average about $90,000 a year, plenty of freedom to be creative and productive and a job growth rate approaching 120 percent over five years, qualified software developers can kick their careers into high gear.

You could become a fully certified Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Web Developer and more after just 11 weeks. All you have to do is go to a boot camp.

Max Technical Training has coding boot camps for Java Developers and .NET Developers.  Both are in high demand in the IT industry.  Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world, and has been for almost 25 years.  It’s everywhere, and qualified coders who know their way around Java are always in demand.

Software Developer Salaries in Cincinnati_MAX technical training

.NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft.  It’s everywhere too.  And good, solid coders who know how to make it work for them earn both respect and good salary.

Software developers who know how to read and write code are at the heart of everything computers do.  And computers are everywhere these days.  In our offices, our homes, even our cars.  And whether you are fixing what’s broken or developing something new, coders are always needed.  And that need will only grow in the future.

Our coding boot camps are fast-paced.  They are designed to get you out of class and on the job quickly.  Instructors will work with you for 11 weeks to help you develop the skill set you need to kick start your career as a coder.  Students who graduate from a Max Bootcamp have a 93% placement rate.  Max will even help with resume writing and interview skills.

Max Technical Training is ready to put you on the front lines of the IT battlefield as soon as you graduate from boot camp.  

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