How To Find The Best Coding Bootcamp In Cincinnati

You have taken control of your future and have decided on a coding Bootcamp will get you there. So, how do you find the best coding boot camp?

3 important factors to consider are:

Graduation Rate

Job Placement

Student Reviews

It is best to look at independently verified information. Look for sources that actually follow up with coding Bootcamp graduates. Here are some resources to consider:

Course Report


The Muse

Why is Graduation Rate important? You have that question in the back of your mind. How do I know I can do this? Are they just giving me a sales pitch to get my money? The graduation rate is a good indicator of how dedicated a coding boot camp provider is to your personal success. Be concerned with a graduation rate below 90%. Why? When 1 out of every 10 students does not graduate you really have to question their selection process and dedication to student success. While it is true that individual effort must be made to be successful in a coding boot camp, you want to select a coding Bootcamp with a track record of success.

Let’s talk about Job Placement. After all, isn’t that why you are looking at boot camp. A high graduation rate and a low placement rate are indicators that the coding boot camp provider is not well connected in the IT community. You want to look at schools that are highly respected by local employers and major corporations. Find out where these companies send their staff for training.

Open Houses are a great way to get first-hand Student Reviews. Check out Meetup and look for local interest groups and events.  You can start by searching for Java, Developer or Tech and attend events to find out what those currently in the filed have to say about the training they received. Look for both positive and negative reviews. Not everyone is going to be happy, maybe it was just not a fit for them. Find out why. Don’t forget to check out the parent company through the Better Business Bureau.


Here is why we are considered the best coding bootcamp in Cincinnati:

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