Best Career Move For Moms Returning To the Workforce

The kids are in school and you’re getting itchy. You want to start earning money again and you really miss being around other adults. But going back to your old job with all the stress and the crazy hours isn’t an option for you anymore. Plus, you earned your degree when you were in your 20’s but now at 35+ you’re afraid your old skills won’t measure up.

Sure, you can go back to school. Maybe even get your graduate degree. But wait! You’re trying to save for your kids’ college, right? How can you send yourself to college right now? And the time…with your kids’ schedule it could take years to graduate.

So, what’s the best career move for moms returning to the workforce?

You may not believe this…but one of the best career moves for moms returning to the workforce is to become an IT developer. Surprised? Read on:

According to a report published by Glass Door, more than half of the top lucrative and in-demand jobs are in tech and require programming skills (that’s what developers have). In a similar report called the Top 25 Jobs for Work/Life Balance, web developer ranks right up there near the top.

Developers make more money, have more freedom, and experience the least amount of stress than just about any other job out there right now.

And if that’s not juicy enough for you, check out this chart from on the earning potential of Java and .NET programmers (the most popular “languages” in IT):



Java and .NET developers earn salaries over $65,000/year? Yep!

Low stress, lots of job opportunity, and great money – sounds like the perfect career move for moms returning to the workforce, right? So, you’re probably wondering, what’s the catch? Let’s go through some of the questions that are likely rolling around in your head right now:

Question #1: “I know nothing about tech. Could I learn how to be an IT developer?”
The fact is, you don’t need a background in technology to become an IT developer. But you need to be a fast-learner, detail-oriented, and have a comfort level with numbers. Good with that? Great! Let’s continue…

Question #2: “I heard that women don’t get hired in the technology field.”
Yes, there is a huge disparity in the amount of women working in the field compared to men. Sexism is part of it. But a big part is the lack of qualified women who are looking for jobs. Recently the press shamed the tech industry because of the huge gender disparity in their staffs. The result is that today many HR departments are specifically looking to hire more women. And what’s more, there are more job openings than candidates to fill them.

Question #3 “What if I can’t work full-time?”
IT developers have lots of options. You can work remotely as a company employee or even work as a freelancer. For a mom, that means you can be there when your kids get home from school. It also means that you won’t have to move to another state to land a great job. And, if you are really success-oriented and want a big career, good IT developers can move up the ladder pretty fast.

Question #4 “What if I don’t have the time or money to go back to college?”
To become a Java Developer or .Net Developer (two of the most popular programming languages) you don’t need to attend a four-year or even two-year college. You can enroll in a “Developer Bootcamp” and get your IT training in as little as 8-10 weeks. What’s more, the folks who run Developer Bootcamps are usually top developers themselves and will help you get any needed certification – and even help you land a job.

So, let’s review. Why is becoming an IT Developer one of the best career moves for moms returning to the workforce?

  • High earnings
  • Lots of job openings
  • The freedom to work from home
  • Low stress

If you’re jazzed about the idea of becoming an IT developer (how could you not be?) check out our famous Java and .Net Bootcamps. Our trainers are top-notch and our grads are out there working!

You can also link here to see what our students are saying and find out when the next Bootcamp will be held. Or simply call the career manager’s office at 513-322-8888. We’re here to answer your questions.

Welcome to Tech, Mom!

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