Azure and Adobe announce joint cloud offerings

Nicky Cappella – The Stack

Microsoft has announced the first set of cloud services to be offered in partnership with Adobe. The services will be unveiled at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas today and are available immediately.

The new cloud services include the integration of Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which will allow companies to combine customer input for marketing initiatives. Further marketing data will be available to clients with the combination of Adobe Analytics with Microsoft Power BI, which will create a gateway for an enterprise to visualize the impact of marketing and advertising campaigns to better measure their effectiveness.

Also, the partnership between the two companies will make Adobe Experience Manager available through the Azure cloud platform, increasing the effectiveness of brand management regardless of customer location and reducing costs to the client.

Today’s release marks the first services offered through the Azure and Adobe cloud partnership first announced last September. At the time, Adobe announced that Azure would be the preferred cloud platform for Adobe Marketing, Creating and Document Cloud products. In return, Microsoft selected Adobe Marketing Cloud as the preferred marketing service for Dynamics 365 Enterprise.

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