5 Tips for Transitioning from Military Service to Software Development

Veterans are transitioning into civilian life at a rate of approximately 550 each day, and most are considering what their next career move should be. The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, also known as the GI Bill, assists these veterans by providing funding for the education necessary to take their next step. But for many, especially those who started families during their service, putting their careers on hold for a 4-year degree is not an option.


Most of the individuals in these circumstances turn to shorter-term alternatives; condensed vocational training in a specific field to help learn a profession quickly. While roles in traditional trades such as plumber, welder and electrician are available, a growing number are breaking into the high demand field of software development (also referred to as software programming). According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of software developer jobs is expected to increase by 24 percent from 2016-2026, with more than 300,000 job openings being added during that period!  



If you are an active duty service member planning for life after your discharge, the following five steps will help guide you through this transition.



  1.     Complete your service

GI Bill funding is only available for honorably discharged veterans. This might be a no-brainer, but nonetheless an important step to secure your future.


GI Bill Training MAX Technical Training


  1.     Determine if Software Development is right for you

A fun and free way to dip your toe into the world of coding is to visit FreeCodeCamp.org. This site allows you try out coding to see if you enjoy the process and like the challenge. Don’t make your decision to code solely on this though! Remember, technical training schools have instructors who are eager to help and encourage you along the way!

Speaking of schools; do your research. Many schools offer reviews and other information online. Check out what others have said and if the work load seems like a good fit for your lifestyle. You can also visit the schools and get a feel for the culture and environment. A great way to start with MAX Technical Training is to attend a MAX open house. MAX open houses offer an opportunity to meet and speak with instructors, who can give you more information on what to expect. You can also call MAX direct at 513.322.8888 to learn more.



  1.     Choose a career path

Operation Code is a great place to begin your search. Operation Code is a non-profit agency assisting the military community to study software development, enter the tech industry or learn to code. Operation Code will also assist in helping to identify VA- approved schools.



After you have selected your school, take advantage of the resources available to help you find the best career fit for you. MAX Technical Training provides a career path and corresponding course load based on your skills and career expectations. There are multiple ways of preparing for your new career, here’s a snapshot of a couple different paths you can take from MAX.


Free Coding Bootcamp Consultation - MAX Technical Training, Cincy Code IT 

  1.     Dig deep

MAX developer bootcamps are intense, immersive and tough, which, as a veteran, should be nothing new to you. That said, MAX Technical Training offers an intensive aptitude test prior to acceptance into the program. MAX is dedicated to your success and takes the necessary steps to ensure you are a good fit before you make the investment. Once it’s determined that a developer bootcamp is right for you; resolve to succeed and dig deep to master the job skills presented to you.


RETOOL RETRAIN REFRESH Max Technical Training 

  1.     Build your interviewing and networking skills

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. The last segment of MAX developer bootcamps teach you how to market yourself as a useful resource. Instructors will show you the best ways to present your new skills to potential employers, as well as give you a heads-up when any one of their many connections needs to fill a job opening.



The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging and, at times, confusing. There are many resources available, but one must take the initiative to seek them out and access what program is the best lifestyle fit. MAX Technical Training is honored to assist veterans who believe that a software developer training program is their preferred next step. We encourage you to visit us online or call 513.322.8888 today.

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