5 Reasons Why a Developer Bootcamp is a Great Option for Career Changers

Are you thinking about making a career change? If so, you aren’t alone. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker holds upwards of 10 different jobs from ages 18 to 50. That number might startle you, but the reality is that the nature of work is developing and career changes are now more feasible than ever. Education and training are a part of this new working style, and the accessibility of these programs is increasing to fit the rising demand.

Speaking of rising demand, the employment of software developers is projected to grow 21% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Software development is a vast field full of opportunity, and although coding is traditionally thought to be for nerdy tech-lovers, anyone can find a love for coding. If you’re unsure of what a developer’s job entails, check out A Day in the Life of a Software Developer or What is a Front-end Developer? for more information.

So, whether you’re bored with your current job, have a secret love for coding, or you are simply looking for a change, a developer bootcamp could be the right move for you. Here’s why:  

  1. Bootcamps are Fast-paced and Engaging

Software developers are creative, determined, and constantly improving their craft. If that sounds like you, you’re off to a great start. Developer bootcamps can be grueling and difficult, but also extremely rewarding and valuable. Classes move fast, but successful bootcamps have engaging instructors and hands-on labs that help you feel supported and properly educated. If the idea of learning something new excites you, you’d be very successful in a career (like this one!) that requires you to be constantly on your toes.

  1. Technical Skills Are in Demand (No Degree Needed!)

It’s no secret that technology is becoming the way of the world. New tech is constantly evolving, and as such, technical jobs are growing at an increased pace (software engineer is listed as one of the most in-demand jobs of 2019!). The best part about it? A college degree isn’t required. According to StackOverflow’s 2019 Developer Survey, almost 25% of developers (who completed the survey) don’t have a degree. Further, almost 90% of all developers say they have taught themselves a new language, framework, or tool outside of their formal education. The bottom line: employers are often hiring based on skills, not on education levels. 

  1. There are Full-time and Part-time Opportunities 

Changing careers can be scary enough, but the financial stress can make it seem impossible. Luckily, many bootcamps are offered during nights or weekends so students can continue working or even stay at their current job throughout the training. If the time commitment still seems like too much, look into a part-time bootcamp. They are harder to find than full-time bootcamps, but they are still out there (MAX Technical Training offers the only instructor-led part-time bootcamp in the region)!  

  1. An Increased Earning Potential

Salaries can vary immensely based on experience, geographic region, and company, but software developers have the opportunity to make a great living in this career. According to Glassdoor, the 2019 national average salary of a software developer is $80,000 a year, which puts you in the 79th percentile for individual income in the United States. While money isn’t always the deciding factor, it certainly is a bonus.

  1. Limited Downtime

The idea of being out of work for an extended period can seem daunting, but some bootcamps are as short as 3 months! Bootcamps have an accelerated timeline and are carefully coordinated to help you learn everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t. And, as a bonus, credible bootcamps have a high job placement rate that should calm your worries. So, you really are on to your new career in no time.


If you still feel unsure about making a career move, that’s understandable. But, it can’t hurt to schedule a free consultation and see if this career would be a good fit for you.


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