Technology changes rapidly, shifting subject focus, product details and real-world applications. Our many corporate IT relationships keep MAX on the leading edge of technology training demands. Providing current training solutions means delivering training today that equips teams with skills to solve the technology challenges of tomorrow. MAX proudly carries the responsibility to offer the most currently applicable training that represents short-term and long-term value. We specialize in designing training programs that are flexible and molded based on the needs of the client, allowing us to meet and exceed organizational expectations.


Customized Training is one of our many passions. It’s where our creativity truly shines. We get to design solutions that capitalize on the efficiency of the time your team spends with us, providing specific training programs to achieve targeted goals and measurable results. For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to create best-in-class learning programs that identify the most relevant content for your team’s goals and deliver it according to your timeline.


We bring the MAX experience directly to you with a private training experience delivered to your team at your location, at our fully equipped MAX Technical Training campus, or using our virtual platforms. MAX instructors can deliver one of our standard courses or customize a course specifically for your team. Private trainings not only focus specifically on addressing the challenges that affect your business, but also allow your employees the chance for open discussion without worrying about divulging proprietary and classified information. Private training programs can take many forms such as a bootcamp, or be delivered in a blended learning style, whichever works best for your team.


Bootcamps and Accelerated Learning are educational experiences we’ve crafted for those ready to dive into the deep end quickly. Our bootcamp courses teach specific skills, tools and techniques, with the opportunity to practice and refine these skills with hands-on labs in a zero-distraction environment. Our accelerated courses are designed for those who wish to skip the scenic route, with an agenda that focuses on the most critical learning modules, eliminating any basic, review-oriented content.

MAX training can be delivered to your team at their location through a live virtual experience. The same team training experience can be held online from each student’s remote location. Whiteboarding, document sharing, and screen sharing technology make it easy to bring the classroom to you. Starting April 20, 2020 and running through October 30, 2020, we’ll be offering a special Microsoft All You Can Train package..  Click to learn more.


To genuinely care about someone and the outcomes of your interactions requires taking the time to learn about them. The family atmosphere at MAX is noticeable, and there’s a warmth to the interactions that take place here. We understand that our clients, both corporate and individual, are trusting us to produce the results that affect a positive change in their lives and businesses. Our success with individual training has come from extending an offer to every client to care about the experience and the outcome. The types of relationships we have built with our clients who engage us for individual training is a reflection of the MAX team and the family atmosphere that permeates every aspect of our training experience.

Coding and IT Bootcamps offer individual students a life-changing, immersive experience focused on developing and honing the specific skills necessary to start your career as a software developer or IT professional. In just three months, bootcamp students graduate with the tools necessary to enter this exponentially growing industry, with interview counseling and job placement assistance available to help you get to work.


Open Enrollment allows you to choose from any and all of our more than 600 classes in a multitude of technologies and subjects. If you’re unable to find a course on our website that strikes a chord with you, or if you want guidance on finding the right class to meet your needs, just call us 513.322.8888. Our team is always here to help.


MAX E-learning and On-Demand courses are collected from experts around the globe. Web-based training is training that is delivered electronically through an assortment of media. 


We also offer individual mentored learning that focuses completely on your success, with training material built to your specifications. Perfect for the person looking to get up to speed for a new job or an executive looking for a software skills refresher, this solution is a high-impact, quick educational hit.


Advancements in communication and training technology has created opportunities for MAX to develop varied customer solutions and partner with expert resources. Depending on your team’s needs and other criteria, you can choose from Instructor-led Training (ILT), Virtual Live ILT, eLearning/On-Demand Training and Blended Learning.

Our Instructor-led Classroom Training (ILT) can take place in a physical classroom environment, or it can be a learning event that integrates the live classroom setting with our Remote Live virtual training.

Virtual Live Instructor-led Training is delivered in an online environment where some or all of the learners are in separate locations, and the instructor is in a physical classroom or instructing remotely. With this delivery model, students are able to hear comments and questions from other students, experience all available labs, and otherwise interact with their classmates as they would if they were together in one physical room.

eLearning or On-Demand Training is Web-based training that is delivered electronically through an assortment of media. On-Demand allows a student to time shift learning to the most advantageous schedule—at night, on weekends, etc. These trainings offer a wide range of options, some of which include labs.

Blended Learning is a mixture of any or all of the other delivery methods designed to work with your time and budget constraints. For example, we can restructure a 5-day class into a 2-day class or incorporate eLearning/On-Demand tools to maximize a student’s time, enabling them to plug into MAX for only those training components that must be led by an instructor.


MAX Technical Training commits every available resource to helping our students focus without distraction. Our 10,000-square-foot facility features spacious classrooms with comfortable, ergonomic learning stations, WiFi and wireless connectivity for every student. And our low student-to-instructor ratio ensures that the issues related to your particular IT environment are addressed.

Additionally, MAX virtual classrooms allow you to “take a seat” in a remote class from anywhere on your own device. You’ll participate in real time, ask questions and plug into a broad range of subject matter. And if you’re enrolled in a remote class but are not able to take the class from your own home or office, you can participate from one of MAX’s remote learning classrooms. By the way, MAX classrooms can also be rented for non-MAX-related training or events. Best of all…regardless of your situation…when at MAX, you’re always just feet away from free donuts and pizza.

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